About Us

How it all began

Our Vision
     Hello and welcome, I'm James, owner of Premier Business Promotions LLC, also known as PBP Web Design. We started out really by accident. A couple of friends of mine had started a business and didn't know the first thing about computers, let alone how to build themselves a website. They asked if I could help based on some of my background and knowldge. As a good friend, of course I wanted to help, so I got to work.
     Shortly after I finished up, I began to get calls from my friend's business customers asking me if I could also build them a website. I figured why not, so again, I went to work. It was about that time I began to realize what I could really do, and how I could make a business out of this and help many others as well. As I was helping others I worked for a number of banks. I was also a business banker that helped a lot of others get their businesses going.  So I guess you could say I'm a James of many trades. I truly love what I do. 
     In 2014, I registered this business as a marketing events and web site consulting business. Today, in 2017, I'm a full on web designer and business marketing consultant. I have gotten away from the actual marketing events as of this writing, but may re incorporate that back in at a later date. I've always been a very creative minded individual. I have plenty of experience in marketing, sales, design, management, and finance dating back to 2002. That is how it began, and now we have evolved. My goal is to help other small business owners like myself not only find their niche, but get them set up for success by incorporating a tailor made marketing strategy that will help them grow and connect the world to them.

     At Premier Business Promotions our vision is simple, provide our clients with a tailor made marketing strategy that fits your business needs and objectives.

We accomplish this by getting to know you and your business. Every business is different, therefore, needs its own unique strategy. Once we understand your business and your goals, we then get to work on a strategy specifically designed for you! A strategy that makes sense in helping you obtain your goals.